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Can we use iPad2 charger for iPod Shuffle?

I have an iPad and an iPod shuffle (latest edition). I am wondering that if I can use iPad’s charger for my iPod. Theorically, the voltage of usb output are the same. But the iPad’s charger has 2.1A output. I am afraid that this number is much higher than the ipod should use. As I know, the higher ampere, the faster equipment is charged. So, how’s about this situation.
Thank you very much for your support.

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    10 years ago

    It isn’t a matter of power output. Though the iPad power adapter has considerably more output than the iPod Shuffle needs, it should work to only give the shuffle what it wants.
    But it is a matter of connectors. The Shuffle doesn’t use a dock connector. Take a look. It is the only one that doesn’t. It uses a special connector to give power through the headphone jack.
    However, if you are suggesting that you use the special Shuffle cable, and plug that into the iPad power block, then I assume that should work.
    I have never tried it though. Perhaps call Apple and see what they say. I’ll ask for responses on Twitter. Maybe someone else has tried this and can tell you for sure.

      10 years ago

      Thank you Gary,

      Yes, I mean, I connect the Shuffle’s cable (with the headphone jack and USB jack).

      So, my iPod will not be harmed by the iPad’s charger.

      I’ll try, Thank you again, Gary.

    9 years ago

    Gary and Asian’s comments are not conclusive. “plug at your own risk”. That’s what they are. Help!

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