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Can’t Move Email From Inbox Search Results To Receipts

In Gmail, why can’t I move an email from the results of an inbox search to my receipts (or elsewhere for that matter). The only option is a useless “back to inbox”. Is there a way?
By inbox search results I mean, for example, all the emails listed from a particular sender as a filter for the search
For some reason there is no “move to receipts” option available at that point (when you’re looking at the search results listings) , unlike when you’re simply looking at or choosing emails in the inbox itself.
In fact when looking at the emails listed in an email search results the ONLY option is “move to inbox” which doesn’t help me a lot if the email is buried somewhere in my inbox emails. For clicking on “move to inbox” simply leaves the email in question where it was, not bringing it to the forefront of my emails where I could then move to receipts easily & quickly. What am I doing wrong – or is it the system?
How do I move an email directly from inbox search results to receipts?
stan chaz

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    2 years ago

    Where are you looking that you only see “Back to Inbox?”
    I see many ways to move emails around to mailboxes (or labels, as they are called in Gmail).

    I’m making some assumptions here. First, that are you talking about using Mac Mail, not iOS Mail, or the Gmail app on iOS, or using Gmail on the web like many people do. Then, by Receipts, I assume you mean a Gmail label (mailbox) you have created called Receipts. I’m also assuming macOS Mojave.

    When I search in Mail, and select a message on the left, I can then click on the Move To pull-down menu at the top and select from many locations, including all of my Gmail labels. I can also go to Message, Move To and see the same options. I can also Control+Click on the message and choose Move To. Are you using one of these? If so, I don’t know why you don’t see all options. Perhaps try a restart. Maybe then also a Mailbox, Rebuild (select the Gmail account under Archive in the left sidebar first and then wait a while for it to work).

    But I never do any of those things because it is easier to drag and drop the message to the label/mailbox on the left sidebar. Does that not work either?

    stan chaz
    2 years ago

    I am using the latest version of Gmail on my 2010 MacBook Pro running OX Yosemite. “Receipts” is simply a box/label that I created The only choice that the move option menu on top shows when selecting an email from an inbox search results is “move to inbox” rather than any other label/box such as receipts. I have no problem in moving emails directly from my inbox to the box labeled receipts.

    2 years ago

    stan: What do you mean by “the latest version of Gmail?” Gmail is a service, so everyone is using the latest version as everyone is accessing the same Google Gmail servers. Are you using the macOS Mail app in Yosemite? That would be very far from the latest version of Mail (for Mojave).

    I don’t have anything that is running Yosemite, so I can’t check, but the Mail app there should allow you to move an email to any label/mailbox. Have you tried what I suggested — dragging emails from your search results into the label/mailbox in the left sidebar?

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