Forum Question: Change MacBook Ownership

My friend bought someone’s MacBook and it says “Jane Doe’s MacBook” in several places. How can I change this for her?
Shirl Parker

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    12/12/10 @ 11:38 am

    You should use the install discs that came with the MacBook to re-initialize it. I hope you got those. Often I hear about people buying used machines and not getting them. It is like buying a new car but not getting the keys to the trunk.
    If you can do that, then you are outof Lucy as far as changing the short name of the home directory is concerned. But you can go into System preferences and change the Network name of the computer.
    You can also buy the Snow Leopard discs, and the iLife discs, and re-install the system and iLife from those. You may need the iLife update anyway.

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