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Change the NYSE To Other Stock Exchange?

Hi There
I’m trying to build a sheet in numbers to track my stocks but I’m faced with a problem.
The built-in sheet in numbers where one can easily track stocks, it’s based on the NYSE.
I live in Johannesburg South Africa and want to track my stocks on the JSE here in South Africa
My question is, where can I change the stock exchange from NYSE to JSE?

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    2 years ago

    Do you mean the "My Stocks" template? That has three sample stocks in it, but you can change those to whatever stocks you want. Just change the symbols. The data is from Yahoo Finance, so go to that website and figure out the symbol used for the stock you want. Anything that Yahoo Finance tracks, you should be able to use in the functions in Numbers.

    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for your quick reply!
    I managed to sort it out but another issue has appeared
    In some of my stocks, I do not own the full share but rather a fraction of the share.
    When I input the fraction of the share in the share column in the "Portfolio" template, for example, if I input (.2584) then the "cost basis" "market value" and "gain" values disappear.
    Do you have an idea why?

    2 years ago

    Alex: Sorry, I don't know why. Fractions of shares work with the examples in the original template. You'd have to look at the functions in the cells and try to figure it out if you need that.

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