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Changing date of a video clip in iMovie 08

Is there a way you can change the date of a video clip imported into iMovie ’08? The date in the video cam was 1 year off and now all the event clips are dated wrong and show up in the library in the wrong year. Any way to fix that?

— Geoff

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    13 years ago

    Not sure about iMovie 08, but in iMovie 09, yes. Just select the clip in the bottom part of iMovie and Ctrl+Click or Right+Click it. Then select "Adjust Clip Date and Time" and you can change it.

    Geoffrey Allen
    13 years ago

    Thanks for the quick reply Gary - unfortunately, it didn't work in '08. So I've taken the plunge and am ignoring the terrible reviews and upgrading to iLife '09. After seeing your podcast on some editing, I think it will be just fine. Especially since I haven't really started a project yet in 08. Love your podcasts and thanks again for the help.

      13 years ago

      Terrible reviews? What terrible reviews? iLife 09 rocks. Especially iMovie -- it is a great improvement over iMovie 08, adding tons of new features.

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