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Character Spacing In Preview On Mac?

I would like to create a text with character spacing in PDF while it is opened in preview on mac. Is it possible?If not, any workaround?
Kishore Kumar

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    2 years ago

    Preview is a PDF viewer, not a creator. You can add text as annotations in Preview, but I don’t know if that is what you mean. By “create” I assume you mean building a PDF document.

    To create PDF documents, you would use the app that is appropriate for the type of document: Pages, Word, InDesign, Illustrator, etc. All of those types of apps give you the ability to adjust your character spacing.

    2 years ago

    Thanks for the response Gary.

    I would like to add a text in PDF document which is opened in preview (Using Markup Tool -> Text). But adding text doesn’t support the charceter spacing. I tried copying the charceter spacing text from pages to PDF document but no avail.

    2 years ago

    Kishore: Ah, OK. So you are adding an annotation. I guess things like that are not supported in annotations. Remember, these are just ways to “mark up” a document. They are not meant to allow you to add text to a finished document that will go into circulation. For that, you should go back to whatever app was used to create the PDF in the first place and edit the original source document (Pages, Word, etc).

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