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Clearing the multitask list quickly

Hi Gary – Love the website, your videos, and all you do for us. Thanks.
My iPhone 4 and iPad keep a list of recently opened apps that I can quickly switch between by double-clicking the home button. I suspect these chew up some memory just sitting there waiting to be opened. I know how to clear them one at time of course, but there a way to clear them them all at once, en masse, so to speak?

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    10 years ago

    They don’t chew up memory — at least not any amount to be concerned about. If they did, then there probably would be a way to clear them all out easily. I’ve stopped worrying about it myself, and before long the list pretty much includes all of my apps if I take the time to look.
    The only ways I know to clear them out are to do it one-by-one or to simply restart the iPhone. But honestly I wouldn’t worry about it. Just let them all stay there.

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