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Clip Art Graphics Needed for iMac

How do I find clip art to use on my iMac 27? Can you suggest a free link or perhaps a software program like PC PrintMaster?
I am new to iMac and Word only has templates…no clip art?
Thank you,
Cheryle Chandler

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    11 years ago

    I'm not sure if any clipart comes with Microsoft Word -- at least not the latest boxed version or the new cloud version. But even if it does, and it is a huge collection, it would pale in comparison to a standard online clipart collection today.
    Years ago the idea of a clipart collection transitioned from something you purchased and had locally, like a set of CDs or a single download that came with software like Word. Nowadays, there are dozens of very good clipart sites that serve up millions, not thousands, of images. Once you subscribe to one of these, you can search for what you want and download it. Some go with the pay-per download model, while others go for the subscription-per-year model and let you download as much as you want. And they are not Mac or PC-specific. Image formats are, on the whole, cross-platform.
    I can't say that any one of these is better than the other as I haven't comprehensively reviewed them all. I do, however, have experience with using, and I find it decent enough to stick with them for most of my needs. I have also used from time-to-time, a pay-per-use service.
    While it would be nice to pay one price and get a set of clipart that you can use as much as you want, forever, those old collections can't beat having a massive, searchable database of images that even gets updated with new ones over time.
    So my advice is to give one or more of these services a try. They usually have trial accounts or let you browse their art before signing up.

      Shirley Allan
      11 years ago

      There is still clip art on the web that is free but it takes some time to find what you want. Try images from Google and Bing.

        11 years ago

        The problem with searching for images like that is copyright. Cheryle wants to use the images in documents or presentations, I presume. So she would want to get images she can legally use.

    11 years ago

    I thank each of you for your reply and recommendations. I will go the suggested websites mentioned and see where to go from there. This is my first question on this forum, and I have found it to be very helpful. Best,Cheryle

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