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I would never go back to windows since my sis got me my 2nd MBP, but there is 1 annoying difference:
In windows, if I was set to replace a file with one of the same name, a warning would come up & say 1 already exists. Same is true in OSX.

The difference is the AGE (date of creation) is listed in windows. In OSX, sometimes it says “an OLDER version exists” & sometimes it just says a file with the same name exists.

Is there any way to change a setting so it will always compare the age of the files?



— David

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    11/6/09 @ 4:03 pm

    Is it possible that the two files have the same modification date? That’s when it should happen like that. Otherwise it says “older” or “newer.” But if you duplicate a file, for instance, and then to drag that duplicate back to the location of the original, they will have the same modification date and you get those results.

      11/6/09 @ 10:55 pm

      No…it happens all of the time.

      Let me see if I can explain:
      I am a teacher.
      Let’s say I update 5 “.doc” files while at work on my pc.
      I put them on my flash drive.
      I also have verisons of each of these files on my MBP at home.
      I take them home & copy them from the flash drive to my MBP.

      As I do this, it warns me that I have versions of each file on my MBP, but it doesn’t say which file is older or newer, just that a file with that name already exists.

      This is very inconvenient & I am always afraid I will replace a newer version with an older one.

        11/6/09 @ 11:01 pm

        My guess is that because the files are coming from a PC that they don’t have the modification time data. It doesn’t make the transfer. That’s why you don’t get “newer” or “older.” You’ll just have to make that determination on your own in that case. But there is no setting to change it.

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