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I don’t know what went wrong but after I downloaded LittleSnitch I constantly get a pop up on my mac asking me which connection I want to make. How can a change this to the default settings? for example, if I want to connect to Limewire, i get the following PopUp: Limewire wants to connect to on TCP port 80 (http). Then I get to option to choice which connection I want. If I click on Deny, I don’t have won’t get any connection. This happens all the stime since I downloades LittleSnitch. I deleted LittleSnitch but I see it still running above. This is bothering me. What shall I do?

— Marco

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    7/8/10 @ 6:34 am

    I would ask at the Little Snitch Web site. They must have some sort of support there, or forum or something. The only way to properly uninstall it or change this behavior would be to follow their instructions.

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