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Customize Logitech keyboard?

My beloved Logitech diNovo Mac Keyboard is now dying, and Logitech has sent me a replacement. But tragically, Logitech is getting out of the Mac keyboard business. So they send me a K800 as a replacement, which is an outstanding keyboard.
Except it doesn’t use the Mac keyboard configuration.
AND the normal Logitech software won’t customize it on the Mac.
Is there any way to customize the keyboard so that I don’t have to be constantly messing up the Windows key and the Alt key?
Todd A. Peperkorn

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    10 years ago

    Hard to say without being able to play with one and try things like you can. It might be time to move on if the company is dropping support. I wonder if the high quality of the current line of Apple keyboards means that fewer and fewer Mac users are opting to go with an alternative. I know as a writer that I’ve never liked a keyboard better than the current generation of Apple keyboards.

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