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Delete Incorrect Email Address Auto-complete?

At some point I made a serious typo in completing an email feed, and now this incorrect entry auto-completes when I begin typing my correct email address. If I don’t click the “x” to make it disappear, then it will insert the typo’d email address, resulting in an incorrect registration. How do I DELETE this incorrect entry so it doesn’t pop up constantly? FYI, I’m running the latest Yosemite 10.11.4
Tom Rector

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    8 years ago

    It depends WHERE you were/are when typing this. Was it in the email field in the Mail app? Or in a document in an app or in the body of a message or somewhere else?
    Try looking in ~/Library/Spelling/LocalDictionary to see if the entry is there.
    Try checking in your Contacts to see if the email address appears incorrectly in the correct entry, or another one.
    In Mail, look in Window, Previous Recipients.

    Juanita MacPhee
    8 years ago

    Great tip. I've never noticed "previous recipients" before in the drop-down list. Got rid of old e-mail addresses that people are no longer using. They kept popping up even though I had updated their contact info.

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