Forum Question: Difficulty with self-designed templates in Pages

I’ve designed my own template for writing a play script in Pages 09. I’ve ‘Saved as Template’ and when I open a new doc from the template chooser, I’ve chosen my template. But at the end of the first page, when I click Insert>Sections>Page Break the new page has all the Lorem Ipsum template stuff instead of a new page in my re designed format. Simply hitting enter at the end of my page opens a new page but blank.
How do I get my format to repeat across pages so I can keep typing seamlessly?

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    6/22/11 @ 12:48 am

    I don’t know. Try experimenting. Maybe make another template. Did you start this one with a “blank” template? Sounds like you may have tried to use another template as a starting point. I really haven’t gone as far as you have with Pages templates.

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