New In Pages: Using SVG Files

Pages, Numbers and Keynote now have the ability to import and display SVG files. This is a common format for vector graphics. You can even convert them to native shapes, though those only support one fill color at a time.

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    Ken Nellis
    1 year ago

    Great seeing more acceptance of SVG. Realized that Pages doesn't support animated (SMIL) SVG images. Maybe later!

    Louise Kienast
    1 year ago

    Thanks so much for this information. I will be helping present a 1 day introduction to Freeform. I have spent the last few months learning about this application. Yesterday I learned that I had several applications that could save files as SVG files. I used them in Pages but also use them in Freeform. On the Mac, using the pen to draw shapes adds more ways to create interesting shapes. Now with the addition of Pages ability to use SVG files and also open them in Freeform, the sky is the limit.

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