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Do Apple Still Provide Security Updates for Older Macs?

Do apple still provide security updates for older macs whose operating systems can’t bee upgraded?

If they don’t,isn’t some form of anti virus required?

I’m trying to decide if a anti virus programme is needed for my old iMac

Device: Mac Running Big Sur

App: Something Else
John B.

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    3 years ago

    The usually provide security updates two versions back. So with Big Sur the current version, they would provide updates for Catalina and Mojave. Sometimes they will come out with a critical security update for an even older system.

    If you really want to stick with an older Mac that won't update, then you should be fine as long as you follow the basic rules. See

    Installing anti-virus won't help much, and could slow your Mac down if it is that old too. Just be very careful about installing new apps, if you need new apps at all.

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