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Do I Need Online Backup?

Currently all three of my family’s Macs are backed up locally with Time Machine and online via Backblaze. The reason for subscribing this kind of service was to have a copy of our data in case of a major disaster at our house, but now that all our photos, music and (since macOS Sierra) documents are stored on iCloud, I’m wondering if I really need to pay extra money for online backup.
Massimo Terrizzano

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    3 years ago

    You have a good point. I wonder the same thing too, but in my case I have lots of work files that aren’t store using cloud services — GBs of video and app development files. So an online backup makes sense.
    If you have everything covered via local backup and it is also in a cloud service, then it makes an online backup less useful. Perhaps even a luxury. So you have to weigh it verses the cost and your budget to conclude whether it is worthwhile to you.
    Using my Mac for my livelihood means that I’m willing to pay for another backup. But maybe not in your situation.

    Norm Dinger
    3 years ago

    I have stopped using iCloud for photos. This is to reduce the usage of my monthly allowance. All backed up on external hard drives.

    Brian Edmond
    3 years ago

    Gary I backup time machine on to a hard drive,
    Q does time machine BU my email letters and contacts?

    3 years ago

    Depends. Are your emails on your hard drive? Mine aren’t. I use a cloud-based email service (Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, etc) like most people do, which means my emails are really on servers, not local. I see the most recent ones cached locally, so they are fast to access, but that’s just a cache. The real email archive is all on the servers.

    Lucas H
    3 years ago

    I like Gary’s take on this question. One more thought: If you rely solely on backups stored on local hard drives, what will you do if the unthinkable happens? What’s your plan if fire, flood, tornado, or theft deprives you of your local backups? It can and does happen. I do use an online backup, plus redundant local backups—TM and more. I’m happy to say that so far I’ve not had to resort to restoring from an online backup, but I sleep better at night, if you get my drift.

    3 years ago

    From backblaze blog…compares icloud with backup service.

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