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Do They Sell Outlet Boxes That Don’t Shut Down When There Is a Power Outage?

Is there some kind of strip outlet box that I can plug my computer and other things into so that if there is a power outage my computer won’t shut off?
Thanks Gary.

I live in Florida and we have many power outages and that’s why a box like I’m suggesting would be great here. I’m using a mac mini which is about 8 years old and starting to run a little slow, so when I have a power outage it’s very frustrating to wait for everything to boot up. I use Logic Pro and Sibelius which take a long time to boot up. I’m also thinking of getting a new iMac or MacMini. Thanks again.

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    2 years ago

    Yes. They are called UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supplies. You should definitely be using one if you have a Mac that is AC-powered like an iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro.

    They not only protect against short little power outages that last a second or a minute, but for longer outages they let you save your work and shut down gracefully before the battery drains.

    You should plan on getting one that will power your Mac and whatever else you need to things working, like at least one display, external drives, etc. But things you don't need, like a printer, etc, can just go to regular power.

    I also have a separate one connected to my network equipment. That way I can still use Wi-Fi for a while when the power goes out.


    Mike Brown
    2 years ago

    I also keep a lamp plugged into my UPS. When the lights go out, I have enough light to go to the closet and pull out my flashlight or whatever I need.

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