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Does Anyone Know Of a Good Program for OCR?

I have a huge PDF (2,000 pages) that is a combination of sheet music and lyrics in the form of text. I’m trying to do OCR to the entire file. But I can’t figure out how to do it…all the programs seem to fail. Are there any recommendations for a PDF reader that will do this task?
Ed Cupman

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    6 years ago

    Have you thought about running it through Google Docs? I have a video on that:

    I'd imagine that any OCR app you run it though will have issues with sheet music and other non-text elements. Also, 2,000 pages is a lot. Perhaps try breaking it into smaller 100-page chunks to see if that helps?

    Kishore Kumar Maistry
    6 years ago

    For MAC: PDF PEN PRO or WONDESHARE PDF ELEMENT PRO. Former supports apple script and later doesn't.

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