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Is there a good way to do a search in Time Machine? It seems that time machine is limited to knowing when the document was created. I can only search each backup, which can be a problem at times. Is there a way to do a search thru all the backups?
As an example, lets say that for some reason I typed up a document, saved it, and Time Machine did a back up. Then I deleted the document within the hour. Then a couple of years later I wanted that document back, but I can’t remember when I typed it up, let along the month I typed it. How can I easily find it without painstakingly searching all the backups of the several months that have passed (I realize that after time the backups get consolidated to by-the-month backups)?
I know this is an extreme case, but I’ve had to search Time Machine before and had to spend a little time searching backups. However, I usually knew the month so I was relatively fine.

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    9/19/11 @ 6:52 am

    Well, to take your example, the file is probably gone. Time Machine saves versions back in time, but that is usually months, not years. I guess if you have a large TM drive and not too many files, then maybe it could stretch years.
    I think your best hope would be to enter time machine, type in the search term, then use the arrow keys to travel back in time day by day and month by month. It shouldn’t take that long.

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