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Hi Gary, you always seem to know how do do all things mac, and I was wondering how I can download the US removed app, P.O.WM, otherwise known as People of Wal-Mart, if it is available in the UK, i want to download it. Thanks Gary!

— Will

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    8/11/10 @ 6:39 am

    I’ve never tried to do it myself, and I’m not sure you can. I’ve heard that you can create another account in iTunes and claim you are from another country. But, to do so you must lie, and also you can’t set up a payment option for that account so you can only get free apps. Not sure how you then get that downloaded app to work on your real iTunes account, though.
    The whole things seems like a lot of trouble to me. There are plenty of apps in the sea… :)

      Rene Visser
      8/12/10 @ 1:33 am

      What Gary heard is exactly right. Let me answer his question how to get that app to work on your real iTunes account. As soon as you’ve downloaded the app, the whole process is the same as when you bought an app from the US appstore. It will be added to the list of apps and it syncs to your iPhone. Itunes will prompt you if there’s an update for ‘the-other-store-app’ but you have to log in to that account to get the update. This will answer the possible question why an app won’t get updated even if you click ‘get update’.

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