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I have recorded my daughter while playing in her music recital using my camera. I would like to send it to family and friends and I get an error from Comcast our internet provider that the file is too large when I try to send it as an email attachment. How do I condense this file before I send it?

— Joanne Ehinger

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    12/7/09 @ 3:38 pm

    Lots of ways — you could bring it into iMovie and export it from there. You can also use QuickTime X to open it and then export it. However, if it is a long video you may just have to edit it down to some segments or Comcast might continue to give you the error.
    Another option is to upload it to YouTube or some similar service. This is a friendlier way to do it as your family may not be so happy with downloading a huge email message. You can always make the video private if you like.

    12/8/09 @ 1:23 pm


    While not an Apple expert, I completely concur with Mr. Rosenzweig. Video files are notoriously large and most ISPs won’t let you send e-mails that large. A video uploading service would be a simpler choice as you only have to send it once to let multiple parties enjoy it.

    Otherwise you could always burn it to DVD and mail them if you only have a few. My experience suggests it’s between $1.00 and $1.50 to mail a DVD in a CD/DVD cardboard mailer.

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