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Could you sometime talk about IP addresses – – what are they, what are their purposes, why are some static and others not, are there security implications related to IP addresses, should we make any particular settings relative to them, etc.? Thanks.

— John Russell

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    1/15/10 @ 10:33 pm

    Here’s a simplified answer:
    The Internet is made up of IP addresses. Every device attached to the Internet has one — servers, Web sites, people’s computers, iPhones, etc. Information flows between two IP addresses. You request a Web page, you are asking the Web server’s IP address to send information to your computer’s IP address.
    A static IP address is one that stays the same for that device. A Web server or a business class DSL connection would have a static IP address — always the same IP address. Non-professional Internet use, like a home cable modem connection or DSL may assign an IP address to a house on a temporary basis from a pool of IP addresses to make things easier and cheaper.
    The “security issues” question doesn’t apply — it is the same as asking “are there security implications related to the Internet” or “are there security implications related to computers.”
    As for settings, if you are connected to the Internet, you have an IP address and you have settings related to it. But there is nothing for you to do. Let your Mac and router handle things like they are meant to.
    For more information:

    John RusselL
    1/15/10 @ 10:40 pm

    Thanks, Gary. My question “crossed in the mail” with your latest videocast. Sorry for the redundancy.

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