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I have a HDMI cable from my iMac to my Samsung LED TV UE32B6000. I also use a convertor: Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (With Digital Audio).I can see movies on my TV, but the sound is still on my iMac. If I introduce the audio jack in the headphones orifice, I cannot hear anything, if I introduce it in the one beside…. the sound is still on my iMac. Is there a setup in iMac or TV I should be aware of?

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    11/15/10 @ 5:22 pm

    The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter I have will carry both the video and sound. But perhaps your doesn’t do that? In that case, you might have luck if you go to System Preferences, Sound, Output and assign the sign to either the HDMI (try that first) or the audio jack. Try different things and see.

    11/15/10 @ 6:50 pm

    Tnx … it worked.

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