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Flash on the iPad

I’ve used Windows most of my life, but was always open for other options.
I’m considering to buy an iMac, and might have bought an iPad already if Apple would not have turned down Flash like they do.
Gary, you live Flash as a matter of speaking: what are your feelings of Apple considering there stubborn attitude towards Flash.
I realy don’t understand this matter.
Kind regards.

— Marcel

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    10 years ago

    I could write/talk all day about this.
    I’ve posted some to my developer blog (
    But the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter. Apple isn’t going to put Flash on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. So I’ve tried to stop worrying about it.
    My latest game project,, is done in HTML5/JavaScript without Flash. And it works great on the iPad and iPhone.
    That’s my answer to the situation as a developer — I can’t control it, so I must live with it.
    As a user of the iPad/iPhone, I have to feel the same way. I can’t do anything about it.
    One thing to note is that if Apple did change its mind, the solution wouldn’t be that simple. Have you heard about the trouble with Flash on Android? How would Flash movies that used keyboard input work? Or, the simple act of moving the cursor over an element — no cursor on the iPad/iPhone. Many of the best Flash things out there wouldn’t work right on the iPad/iPhone. And asking all Flash developers to return to their old projects and update/rewrite them would be impossible.

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