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Was wondering what the proper method for formating sd cards that have audio on them? I have tried disk utility, and formated for ms dos, which clears the card but when reloaded and put into my isynphony, doesn’t have any data on it. I’ve tried just placing unwanted mp3 files into the trash, but nothing appears on the card when reloaded and put into the isnyphony. I’ve tried to partition, for ms dos as well as osx journled, then reloaded and nothing appears to be on the card. When I open the card on the mac, there is mp3 files there, but they aren’t there when put into the isymphony. The only way I can get this to work is to format the card in my camera, then put the mp3s on the card. Any Ideas?

— Peter

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    1/31/10 @ 7:50 pm

    It sounds like this “isynphony” device is expecting a certain format. You should find out exactly what that is. When you format it using your camera, like you said, what does Disk Utility say the format is?

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