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Formatting a USB Stick?

Suddenly, the USB stick I had connected to my auto (Honda Accord, 2018) does not play.
I transferred a few music files (mp3) from my iMac via iTubes to two other sticks to test – the same thing: No music
When I transferred test music files to “presumably” formatted stick – it works.
So, it looks like that the original USB disk and the others were not “formatted” or became damages over time?
Q. 1: How does one go about formatting a USB stick to work on both Mac and Windows?
Fernando Gonçalves

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    4 years ago

    You need to use FAT or ExFAT for it to work on both Mac and Windows. Check your car stereo's documentation to see what file format it expects. You can format the USB stick using Disk Utility.

    Fernando Gonçalves
    4 years ago


    That's was quick. I had forgotten.

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