How To Paste Without Styles or Formatting on a Mac

When you paste text it usually brings along all of the styles such as the font, size, bold, color, and so on. However, most apps allow you to paste using Paste and Match Style to strip the clipboard of its styling and use the settings at the current insertion point in your document.

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    1 year ago

    I was once faced with the opposite problem. I wanted to paste text with style from one document to another using different applications. This was surprisingly inconsistent. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes the style was modified in the process. Maybe because different apps code styles differently?

    The solution was to use text clippings. I found that apps would generally save and load text clippings while preserving styles.

    Select some text, click and hold then drag to the desktop to create.

    1 year ago

    In Numbers, can you copy and paste a table including formulas ?

    1 year ago

    John: Sure. Try it and see.

    8 months ago

    How can I copy or paste when there is no such command available? Keyboard commands donā€™t work either.

    8 months ago

    Diana: Which app are you using?

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