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Generated pass via 1Password, copy to clipboard, now gone?!?

I used 1Password to generate an answer to a security question (e.g. What’s your favorite color?), pasted it in the security question field. I thought I still had it in the clipboard, but when I went to paste the generated password to make a note of it . . . nothing!
Is there any way to look into OS X’s clipboard history to retrieve that password? Looked in 1Password password generator, not there either. I think you have to save it, in order to be saved in 1Password list of generated passwords.

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    9 years ago

    There is no clipboard “history” in Mac OS X. You can add one yourself using applications like ClipMenu and Jumpcut, but that won’t help you in the past, only the future.
    I would see if you can change that security question (usually you can once you are logged in).
    In the future, I would just create a new entry in 1Password manually for things like this.

    9 years ago

    The security question was for FB and they won’t let you change the question nor the answer because they say for security reasons.

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