ClipTools: Using the Clipboard Manager Functions

Learn how to use the clipboard manager features of ClipTools. You can access a history of text you have copied to your clipboard. Plus you can paste as plain text, group paste, assign keyboard shortcuts, and more.

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    Chris Mitchell
    1 year ago

    Gary, the one thing I dearly love about CloudClip and Paste is the iCloud sync feature between MacOS and iPhone/iPadOS - I use this regularly. If ClipTools had this feature it would definitely be my #1 clipboard manager tool.

    Jak G
    1 year ago

    I really like ClipTools, and thanks for explaining about the modifiers. I wouldn't have tried them if you hadn't demonstrated them.

    Nick V
    1 year ago

    Thank you for a great contribution to the Mac community. ClipTools is far more robust than my previous copy/paste app, and switching over was a no-brainer. One feature has me stumped, however: why not incorporate the ability to remove a highlighted item in the list with a simple tap of the delete key? Cmd-A to highlight everything in the list? Cmd-click to select specific items to delete/remove?

    1 year ago

    Nick: since I’m using a menu bar status menu I have to stick with what can be done using that interface. So using the delete key and things like that won’t work.

    Brook Acklom
    1 year ago

    Clip Tools looks great; what a pity it doesn't work with Big Sur! Very disappointed.

    1 year ago

    Brook: Supporting past systems is actually a lot of work. First, I would not have been able to use the latest software libraries from Apple and elsewhere in that case. That would have made things more difficult Then I would have had to maintain a Big Sur machine and tested it on that with everything, a lot more effort. As a free app I needed to keep roadblocks like that to a minimum as the result could have been that the app would have never been available for anyone. Only so many hours in the day and so much effort I can put into it...

    Greg K
    1 year ago

    How I use Cliptools. I save text to a smart clip, text that I regularly want to insert into a report or email. I then designate keys on my Stream Deck to insert the smart clip into my document (Hotkey switch, first press activates, 2nd press is a F key corresponding to the smart clip). Press a button, in goes the text. Has sped up my work flow considerably.

    Phil Hopkins
    1 year ago

    Hi Gary,
    On the next release would it be possible to add say, another three slots for Global Keyboard Shortcuts? I am finding that using Shortcut 2 for for Saved Clip 1 is extremely handy as it means I don't have to call up the menu first. I can just paste that saved clip with shift command 1.
    Excellent app though, even if this can't be achieved.

    1 year ago

    Phil: Not sure. Most apps limit themselves to just one global shortcut. I thought it would be nice to have 2, so one could be for the menu, and the other for your most-used function. If I make it 3, then why not 4? Or 7? Gotta draw the line somewhere.
    Note that in the latest version you do have shortcuts for the saved clips. So use global shortcut 1 to activate the menu, then Command+F(X) for each saved clip.

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