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Google Calendar on iPhone 4

On my iPhone3GS with iOS3 to get syncing between my iPhone calendar and Google calendar I would add a Microsoft Exchange account on my iPhone, and that then synced all of my Google calendars: my primary and several secondary calendars.

But with my iPhone4 with iOS4, when I added the Gmail account to my iPhone it offered to sync my calendars too, so I haven’t added the Exchange account.

But I then only get my primary Google calendar and I don’t get any of my secondary Google calendars that I have on the same Google account.

Do I still have to add the Exchange account to get those?

Thanks, Gary.

I listen to all of your podcasts and they’re a great help.

— Glenn Downing

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    10 years ago

    Perhaps there is a setting in your Google account for which calendars to sync? I’ve never tried it, so I’m not sure.

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