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Handling Files and Images As Attachments In Emails From Apple Email Clients?

This applies to Mac Mail, iPhone and iPad

When I attach images to an email, they are always embedded into the page. When they are read in Outlook they are embedded. This is a disaster. It means that every image in an email has to be saved individually to a folder.

This handling of attachments from Apple email clients is a key reason why I avoid using Apple products and use Windows when I need to manage workflows and handling data files.

Is there a method on iPhone, iPad or Mac to send files (images or otherwise) as attachments.

Any workaround appreciated.

Dealing with embedded files is ok for the occasional sharing of images for immediate consumption is ok, but is a disaster for the recipient if they need to work on those files and who do not want to be saving individual images or worrying that the content of image files have been compressed, colour profiles compromised, etc..
Matthew O’Brien

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    7 months ago

    You ARE sending them as attachments. It just sounds like the email client on the other end, not you, is deciding to show those in the body of the email message. You can't control what the client on the other end does.

    Things you can do:

    Put attachments at the bottom of your message after a few blank lines. Then at least the recipient can focus on your message text first before scrolling down to see the attachments.

    ZIP attachments into one file and send them that way, since it is unlikely the client on the other end will display them as anything more than a file icon.

    Don't send attachments at all, but instead share them using cloud or file sharing services. Then include the link in your message. This not only solves your problem, but it is also nicer to the recipient who may want to download the files when they are ready. For instance, they may first get the message on their phone and your files eat up a bunch of their monthly bandwidth. Or they may not want to have their email storage fill up. Or, their email provider may not allow large attachments. Sharing instead of sending solves all of that.

    Matt O'Brien
    7 months ago

    I appreciate your response. The client is always Microsoft Outlook (on various platforms)... I use the latest 365 Office Apps and have my own hosted Exchange Server.

    My instinct is that this is an Apple issue ... but ... I have raised an official support query with Microsoft on this.

    I will revert when I have a response from Microsoft. There is no need to reply to this post... I know and respect how busy you must be.

    Ps. Excuse my delay ... I found the post alert in my junk email.

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