Forum Question: HD vs. SD iTunes TV show downloads on MacBook Pro

Just wondering if anyone had an idea if the difference in quality justified the $20 price difference (HD vs. SD) in downloading TV shows from iTunes. I’ll be watching on my laptop (MacBook Pro 15″).

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    11/3/10 @ 5:39 am

    Well, there definitely is a difference in quality. SD will give you video that is 480 pixels high, while HD is 720 pixels high. Either way, you will most likely be stretching the video to fit the screen, so it is a matter of how many lines of video will be stretched. SD will simply be lower quality.
    Now whether it is worth the price is up to you. On a large TV (via Apple TV) the difference is easier to see as compared to a small laptop screen. You may also want to judge based on content — lots of visual effects or beautiful cinematography may prompt you to go with HD as opposed to a drama with a lot of dialog. It is very subjective.
    It also may depend on your budget. Is $20 (I assume for a season of TV shows) a lot compared to your daily budget? So it is hard to say whether it is worth it to any individual.

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