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Home Sharing Again

Hello Everyone!

I recently asked a question about sharing my iphone applications with my kids new ipods they are getting for Christmas and Gary recommended using Home Sharing. I turned it on in my iMac (my main computer with all my itunes stuff), and then turned it on on my son’s iMac (managed account with parental controls). I noticed that all of my music and movies and such come through, but only 4 of the 120+ iphone applications show up to import over. I tried it on my Macbook Pro also to make sure that the parental controls weren’t the problem and I still can’t see but four of the applications. Is there something keeping the rest of the applications from showing up? All help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks all!

— Rick W

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    11 years ago

    Area all of the machines authorized for all of the accounts? Apps may only show up on macs authorized for the account that the app was purchased from. Any parental controls in place? on the other Macs or in the iPhone settings? Or maybe it is a matter of iPhone versions. Figure out what the apps that show up have in common and what the apps hat don’t have in common. There must be a reason.

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