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How Can I Add Multiple Songs To a Photo’s Slideshow?

I’m using Photos 2.0 and would like to have more than one song play during a lengthy album slideshow.
dave collins

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    7 years ago

    All you need to do is to select more than one song. So in Photos 2.0, you choose Create Slideshow. Then click on the music icon button to the right. This shows your selected music and a Music Library button under it. Click that button and then look at the list of songs below -- either songs from iTunes or songs included with Photos. Just click on another one to add it. You can then drag and drop in the top list to reorder them.

    Another option for more control is to use something else, like iMovie, where you can highly customize the slideshow and put as many songs as you like in the audio track.
    See my tutorial on creating a slideshow in iMovie: But when you are done with the photos, drag and drop your songs to just under the video track and add the first song at the start, and then the second one right after the first one ends in the timeline. If you have never used iMovie before, it may take some time to learn the interface.
    You could also make the slideshow in Photos 2.0 with no music, export it as a video, bring that video into iMovie and add the soundtrack to the video rather than a series of photos.

    dave collins
    7 years ago

    Thank you for that answer. This works, however is it possible to add a specific itunes playlist to a slideshow. ie. rather than adding one song at a time, can i select a single playlist that I've already created

    7 years ago

    dave: I don't think so, as it seems to need you to click on each song. But that won't take more than a few seconds anyway.

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