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How Can I Block Robo Dialer Calls On iPhone?

I want to Block or automatically reject “No Caller ID” calls such as those from robo dialers.

I’m getting about 6 or 10 per day now, and they’re from a rival phone service supplier.
Simply giving my approved contacts a special notification ringing tone is tedious and unnecessary, I feel! I would have to sort them out and reassign a tone.

I can “block” such calls on my land line by setting up the answering machine to wait for five rings, by which time the robodialler has given up.

I don’t want to block calls from “Unknown Numbers”, they can be genuine.

I am trying to get rid of these robo-dialler type of nuisance calls.

One would expect Apple to have provided this facility by now.
Robin Oram

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    2 years ago

    Phone calls come in from your mobile phone provider. They probably do block some of them, but not all. Apple makes the phone, but your service is from your provider.

    Using the "Silence Unknown Callers" option is a good one. You say "they can be genuine" but so what? If a number isn't in your Contacts, let this pipe them directly to voicemail. If the call is not junk, then the caller will leave a message. Spammers usually don't so you avoid them. Then you can add the real people to your Contacts after the first time.

    Another method is to see what service your mobile provider offers. You don't mention who you use, but for instance AT&T in the United States offers a "Call Protect" app with a free version. See

    Other providers have their own apps. And there are some third-party ones too that sometimes work with specific providers. Search for "robocall blocker" in the App Store.

    The best way to do it, in my opinion, is just to ignore them. A single press on the side button will silence an incoming call while still forcing the caller to listen to rings before getting to voicemail. I just press that and get on with my day. I try not to invest any emotion into it, letting myself get frustrated at these unwanted calls. Press, done, forget it.

    Robin Oram
    2 years ago

    Thanks, Gary
    Some useful ideas here.

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