How To Block Websites On Your Mac

There are three main ways to block websites on your Mac. Youc an use Screen Time, but that only works for Safari. Editing the hosts file will work across browsers and accounts. A better way may be to use a function of your Wi-Fi equipment.

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    James Ford
    1 year ago

    I usually update my computer within a week of the release of an update. After the most recent update I started having problems acessing websites I had not previously visited. The error message was similar to the one at the 2:34 mark of your video. I tried numerous fixes and nothing worked. Since the error was coming via Screen Time I simply turned it off and no more problem. Some Screen Time setting had been change by the update, which seems to be happening with recent updates.

    Jim terrinoni
    1 year ago

    Informative and easy to follow. I’d love to see an episode geared towards setting rules in the Mail app.

    1 year ago

    Jim: I would start with this one, using iCloud rules instead of doing them on one machine only: But if you are using something else for email, like Gmail, then obviously you'd need to use their rules system.

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