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How Can I Bring Up a Photo With One Tap On iPhone?

I have a photo of my COVID Vaccination Record card in Photos. I’m looking for a way to create an icon on the home screen that, when tapped, will bring up that photo immediately.

I know I can set the photo as a favorite but that still involves several taps to open Photos, navigate to the favorites album and then open that photo. Putting the photo someplace else (e.g. Dropbox) would involve the same kind of multi-step procedure.

I’m thinking some kind of Automator action would be the direction to explore but not sure how to go about it.

As more and more places require you to be vaccinated, there is a need to prove that you are vaccinated without carrying around the physical card (which should be stored safely and not carried with you).
Mark Katz

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    2 years ago

    That's a good idea. Automator is just for the Mac. But the iPhone has the Shortcuts app. If you don't already have it, get the Shortcuts app from the App Store. I've got several videos on using it, so if you aren't familiar with that, then watch one of those first, like this one:

    Then what I would do is to put the photo of your vaccination card in its own album in Photos. Name it "Vaccination Card" or whatever you like.

    Then create a shortcut that has just two steps in it. The first would be Find Photos. Set it to "Find All Photos where" and "Album is Vaccination Card." Then the second step would be Show Result.

    Then name it and tap the three-dots button in the shortcut to use the "Add to Home Screen" feature to put it as an icon on your Home Screen.

    Now when you tap it, it instantly brings up your photo on part of the screen. Probably good enough. But one tap on that will jump to the Photos app for a full screen view.

    You could also export the photo and place it in your iCloud Drive "Shortcuts" folder. Then use Get File with a file path specified instead of Find Photos.

    Mark Katz
    2 years ago

    Thank you! That worked perfectly.

    Of course, I meant Shortcuts, not Automator..

    Thanks again! Mark

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