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How Can I Change My Alternate Apple ID?

My current Alternate Apple ID e-mail address is an out of date account. I want to change it to my current address. How can I do that?
Lou Parry

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    7 years ago

    Apple has a place where you can log in and manage all sorts of things that have to do with your Apple ID.
    Go there and log in. Then you can manage your email addresses and other things.
    Now I don’t think you can change the official alternate ID from there. But then you may not have to. After all, and are the same thing. You don’t need to choose one or the other as you have both.
    But if you really want to and can’t find any other way, then:

      Louis Parry
      7 years ago

      Thanks Gary. I should have mentioned that I was posting this question on my behalf AND others from an Apple Discussion Forum where all of us have struck out trying to find a way to change that Alternate ID. My situation is not as desperate as some of the others in the discussion forum for the reason you state. The @me and @icloud accounts are the same, although I would like to rid myself of the @me moniker and have everything as @icloud. It is aesthetically displeasing two have two names for the same address :-) and is somewhat confusing to others when they are contacting me using my Apple e-mail address who don’t know they really are the same thing. Some of the other folks in the forum have an alternate Apple ID e-mail address that is no longer active. Others somehow have an Alternate ID that is an e-mail account not even theirs! You can see why they REALLY want to change that Alternate ID. You are right, the Alternate ID can’t be changed from I will try Thanks very much.

        John Hee
        7 years ago

        Any final word on how to change an alternate Apple ID?

    Kim Cooney
    7 years ago

    Login from your computer instead of your laptop or phone or iPad and change it. I can edit from computer but not other devices. Also you can’t use one of your other emails listed with them.

      7 years ago

      Hey! I definitely tried to login to and it still won’t let me chance the alternate id…any ideas?

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