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How Can I Change the Size Of Type Display for iPhone Email?

Recently, since the most recent OS update on my iPhone SE, email on my phone shows up as long lines of very small type, making it very difficult to read. Is there a setting I can check to change this? I’m using Gmail, and this a new ‘display’ problem. I’m using the built-in iOS Mail app (little envelope icon), with Gmail as my primary email service but I also have a Yahoo email account as well. Thanks in advance.
Jack Weibel

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    8 years ago

    Today, most email messages are HTML -- basically web pages. They include specific instructions about how each piece of text is sized, styled and colored. Even messages that appear to be just text are often HTML, they just don't happen to have any images or anything else.
    The problem is that while these look good on a computer screen, they often look small and hard to read on a mobile phone.
    Settings, like Accessibility font settings, don't change this as the text in the email messages are being displayed according to the information in the HTML.
    There's no good solution to this, other than the designers of email templates paying more attention to how the formats look on iPhones and Android phones.
    In the meantime, you can just zoom in on the email by pinching on your iPhone's screen to deal with it when it happens. I find I need to do this all the time.

    8 years ago

    I have the same issue, and it definitely started with the most recent iOS update. Before that, all emails were easy to read, without pinching and zooming. Something has changed in the app to make it behave this way.

    8 years ago

    Jack & Joel: The two of you are not alone. I just spent the last 20 minutes browsing Apple's discussion forums and there are many people talking about this. Seems that iOS 8 and 9 had a function that dynamically resized text in HTML-formatted emails. This essentially "broke" the HTML in the email messages in many cases, but made the font larger so people liked it. Now iOS 10 lets the email HTML dictate the font size and people are seeing the messages as they are supposed to see them -- even though the text is too small for mobile phones.
    Others are reporting issues with MS Exchange emails that are not showing up correctly too.
    I think it is just a matter of time before people and systems that send out email adjust to making their text more dynamic so it looks good on both desktop and mobile phones.

    8 years ago

    Mine's the opposite, I can't scroll across to see what's on the right hand side of the message.

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