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How Can I Compare Two Pages Documents?

I have several long documents where colleagues added notes and I do not know which version is the one with most additions.

Is there a feature that allows comparison of two documents and then possibility to merge two documents so that it merges the text so that it is not double?

Thank you

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    2 years ago

    Not that I know of, no. If the “notes” are actual comments added properly to the document, then the Comments Pane (View, Show Comments Pane) makes it very clear where and what the comments are in a left sidebar. You can even sort them. So it should be easy to open them side-by-side and at least figure out which one has the most revisions. Then hopefully the other document can be used to simply find those notes and address them in the first document.

    In the future, look at using the collaboration tools in Pages to avoid having multiple versions like this.

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