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How Can I Delete Emails That I Choose To Delete?

I would like to delete some emails from my gmail account. I am using an older iPad. Emails on my iPhone are no problem. But many of my emails do not have a ‘delete’ option, but an archive choice. I know I can go to my email list and delete from there. Why do some emails have a delete option, and some others do not?
Jack Weibel

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    2 years ago

    Are you talking about the swipe options? On the iPad, in Mail, if you swipe in one direction you get some options, and if you swipe in the other direction you get other options. What are the options you are seeing with swipe left and swipe right?

    You can set your swipe options in Settings, Mail, Swipe Options. But Gmail is naturally resistant to “deleting” anything. The idea is to archive, not delete. That’s why they give you a huge amount of storage. It is kind of Gmail’s thing. In general, I never delete any email, even if it seems like I won’t need it anymore. I’m amazed at how many times, over the years, I have searched for and found an old email that I would have deleted if I didn’t have this rule. Definitely worth it, considering Gmail is free.

    One method to delete email is to simply swipe and choose More, then Move Message, then Trash.

    There is a more extreme method which I don’t recommend. You can go to Settings, Passwords & Accounts, (Gmail Account), Advanced. Then there is an option if it is a Gmail account for “Move Discarded Messages Into.”

    2 years ago

    Yes, Gary. I am referring to swiping left or right. I receive daily emails from a bakery telling me of daily ‘specials,’ and I can’t imagine a reason to save or Archive them. Some emails offer More, Move and Archive options, and others offer More, Move and Trash options. I don’t understand the different emails offering different options.

    Gary Ward
    2 years ago

    With the swipe options, on gmail I have the delete option if I swipe left, does’nt everyone have this?

    2 years ago

    Gary: No. It is customizable in Settings, Mail, Swipe Options.

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