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How Can I Duplicate a Reminders List Using Automator/Script?

Hi – I’m in need of a creative solution and hoping for help.

For my job, I use a reminders list for every client I have. My issue is you can’t duplicate a reminder so I have to create it from scratch every single time and it’s a true time suck because they’re long & quite detailed.

I’m hoping someone here has a suggestion if automator can somehow be prompted to create a reminders list containing all my prewritten reminders or if there is a script I could somehow run? Any help would be huge. Thanks so much!

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    2 years ago

    You could copy and paste from the old reminder. Or, you could use Text Replacement to make it easy to type. See Doing it with Text Replacements will be far easier than building an Automator workflow to select from a variety of text samples to insert.

    John M. Hammer
    2 years ago

    Bridgt, could you do what's described here?
    Move copies of reminders: Select one or more reminders, choose Edit > Copy, select the list in the sidebar where you want to add the copies, then choose Edit > Paste.
    This might not work on versions of MacOS prior to Catalina or if you're using something other than iCloud.

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