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How Can I Find the “day Of Week” In the Shortcuts App ?

Hi Gary,

I have a daily routine where I open a couple of Web sites and a couple of Numbers spreadsheets… so I created a shortcut that do that and pinned it on the menu bar.
My shortcut looks like this :
– Open URL 1 in Safari
– Open Spreadsheet 1 in Numbers
– Open URL 2 in Safari
– Open Spreadsheet 2 in Numbers …

… No problem so far.

Now, I also have to open another spreadsheet only on Sundays for my weekly upgrades. I’d like to add this to my shortcut but can’t find the way to do it…
I’d like to add something like…
– if Today is Sunday then (“Today” would be a variable containing the value of day of week)
– Open Spreadsheet 3 in Numbers
– Else
– Nothing
– End if

How can I do that ?

Thank you so much for your help !

I want to open a specific spreadsheet on a specific day of week by using the shortcuts app on my Mac.
Alain R.

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    1 year ago

    First use the Date action to get the date. Then feed that result into the Format Date action. Set the format to "custom" and then use the string "EEEE" to signify that you want just the day of the week spelled out.

    Alain R.
    1 year ago

    Oh... that custom format for the date was my missing part ! Now my shortcut works great.

    Thanks again Gary !

    Alain R.

    1 year ago

    How is it possible to open a specific Numbers Spreadsheet with Shortcut ? How you do this (witch action is needed ?)

    1 year ago

    Chris: You can use Open File to open any file in its default app. But Numbers has a specific Open Spreadsheet action too. Just search when you can't find an action in Shortcuts. In this case, a search for "open" turns up these options and more.

    1 year ago

    Thanks Gary,

    May I ask you is it possible in Shortcuts to combine this and open a specific Numbers Spreadsheet + web url and make a splitscreen with these two ?

    1 year ago

    Chris: Sure. There are Resize Window and Position Window actions you can use, for instance. Look through the actions in Shortcuts and experiment.

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