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How Can I Get Messages On iPad?

I have an iPhone and two iPads. I can receive and send messages on one of my iPads, but I get a “message failed to send” message on the other. I would like all 3 to be synced to send and receive messages. Are there settings I need to check? Are there other steps I need to take? Thanks in advance.
Jack Weibel

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    5 years ago

    First, check in the Settings app to make sure you are signed into to iCloud. You should be signed in using the exact same Apple ID you use on all of your devices.

    While you are there, check which services you are using. Tap your name at the top of the Settings list and then iCloud. Make sure Messages is turned on.

    Then back at the main level of Settings, look for Messages in the list on the left. Check all of your Messages settings and make sure they match the iPad that works.

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