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How Can I Import an Online Table Into Numbers?

I’ve found a table of historical weather data on a web page and I would like to bring it into Numbers so that I can process the information for my own use through graphs, formulas, etc. Is there a relatively easy way to do this importation? Thanks.
John Russell

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    11 years ago

    This sort of thing is done all the time, simply by using copy and paste. Numbers and Excel are both pretty good at letting you do this.
    The most effective method is to use the cursor to select the table on the web page, and nothing more. Then Command+C to copy. Then open a new Numbers document, select the top left cell, and Command+V to paste.
    The result depends on the web site and how it is coded. I find that sites that use standard HTML tables work well. But some sites will use advanced CSS to arrange text into tables and it won't work so well -- you end up with jumbled results or everything in a single column.

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