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How Can I Make a Specific Rule In Mail?

My Mom, Jean, is almost totally blind but can sometimes make out a font in size 36. Can I make a rule in mail that whenever I send an email to her it will send at size 36?
I am working on a MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion. Many thanks for all your articles and videos.
Sincerely, Carol
Carol Wardrop

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    11 years ago

    There's no real way to set a "Rule" to change the formatting of an email you compose, or of an email you receive.
    But wouldn't you want to make every email she receives larger text, so she can read them all, not just yours?
    You can do that by teaching her a series of techniques. In fact, this will also help her read text on web pages and elsewhere. Start with this video:

      Carol Wardrop
      11 years ago

      You are absolutely right about doing something on Mom's end but she is 95 and already has zoom text and email which talks to her. She has many problems and I just thought it may be easier for her if I typed in size 36.
      Thanks for your reply, I just thought I didn't get the rules part correct when I couldn't make the rule myself.

        11 years ago

        Well, you could try composing a rich text message (not plain text) and setting the font to that size. That should work.

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