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How Can I Make My iMac’s Screen Recording Sound Better?

How can I make my iMac’s screen recording sound better?
The sounds are heard as if they came from a barrel, and the original pleasant sound is something else.
It doesn’t matter if I’m using QuickTime or some other free screenshot program.

I should be filming videos of the ‘games’ I created to portfolio, but the world of sound sounds so awful that I have to take the sounds off and replace them with music.

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    2 years ago

    It sounds like you are recording the screen, and then getting the sound of the games though the microphone. So the sound plays through the speakers, and then your mic picks them up. Is that right?

    To record internal sound directly, you either need to use a pro screen recording app like I do (ScreenFlow, here's an affiliate link: or you need to reroute your internal audio in such a way that it is recorded by the screen capture.

    I have a video on how to set this up using the free BlackHole utility. It will take some effort to set it up.

    Bob Gerard
    2 years ago

    I make screen recordings to teach seniors how to do things on their Macs. I have a set of wired Apple Earbuds and if I use them when I record and hold the volume up/down switch (which contains a microphone ) close to my mouth, I do get better results than not using this "mike". I have a 2015 iMac; might you be able to recommend a reasonably priced microphone, Gary?

    2 years ago

    Bob: What's your price range? I recommend one at . If you want something cheaper, check out reviews and see what fits your budget and needs. I don't have any of those, so I can't make an honest recommendation.

    2 years ago

    Sorry delay! I installed the BlackHole utility, but the sound sounds exactly the same, echoing as if coming through a metal tube.
    Ap Extender audio river:
    - Ap Extender audio river
    - BlackHole 2ch

    2 years ago

    Hannele: It sounds like you are still selecting the mic as your input then. Make sure you follow the steps carefully and select the right input device.

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