How To Record Your Mac Screen With Audio

You can use the open source BlackHole audio driver extension to record your screen with audio in macOS Big Sur. I'll show you how to set it up, hear the audio over your speakers while recording, and even mix microphone and internal computer audio with level control.

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    4 months ago

    Thanks for this. I haven’t needed to do this much since the pandemic, but for anyone that needs audio recorded when creating a recording, this is terrific.
    Your instructions are concise and clear.

    4 months ago

    This was great content and well presented. Thanks. I’ve been looking for this for a while.

    4 months ago

    I’ve tried a bunch of free methods for capturing screen video w/ audio and always got what I paid for. It has baffled me why the process has been so complicated and not made a part of the os’s since wayback. This is a great alternative to anything I’ve found and will be glad to have it every 6 mos or so when I want to record something worth nothing. :) Gary, I bet you’ve forgotten more than I’ve known! Thanks again and again and again!

    Kim Nguyen
    4 months ago

    Hello! I just came from the “To Record Your Mac Screen With Audio 2020” video tutorial. Thank you for providing this, I’ve been screen recording and trying to find ways to record with the audio too!

    Jimmy Tee
    3 months ago

    Thanks heaps! Big Sur’s ‘improvement’ was driving me crazy.

    3 months ago

    This is great ! is there any way to record a portion of the screen instead of the whole desktop ? l
    Thank you !

    3 months ago

    thank you

    Marcus Ferreira
    2 months ago

    I have been having a lot of problems recording audio with my Mac.

    1 month ago

    Unfortunately, I tried this after trying other similar tutorials and still not working for me. I have bigsur OS. As soon as I set the BH + Speakers as the sound output, all sound goes out on my computer, and it doesn’t record it either.

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