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How Can I Resize an Image In Preview?

Hi, Gary,

I’ve been trying to take an image and make it a smaller size so I can place several of these into a note, in Notes.
No matter what I do when I paste what I think is a resized image into a Note composition pane, the image is pretty big, remaining its original size.
At one point I found that handy little button that allows you do adjust the pixel size in Mark Up. But I only found that button once. It has mysteriously disappeared.

So how can I resize an image in Preview?

Thank you!

Trying to place a few of these images with inspirational sayings in to a note. I realize I could use Pages, or maybe even .rtfd in Text Edit.

But, really want to Make this work in Notes. Plus knowing how to resize an image with Preview, and why this isn’t working for, will come in handy.

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    3 years ago

    First, make a copy of the image file if you need to. Resizing will change the file, so if you still need the original file at the original size, then make a copy.

    Then take the copy and open it in Preview. Choose Tools, Adjust Size. Make sure Resample Image is checked, and also Scale Proportionally. Then set the width to what you want. The height will adjust to match. Then save.

    Now you've got an image that has been resized. Keep in mind that in Notes the image will scale to fit horizontally if it is too big. So if your original image is 3024 across, it will fit horizontally. Shrinking that to 1024 or even 640 across won't seem to make too much of a difference because it is still too wide to fit, so will scale to fit the width. Only when you are less than that, say at 320 or 160 will it become "small" in Notes. Of course even though a 640-wide image fits the width and looks similar to the 3024-wide image when you bring it into a note, it is a much smaller file.

    Here's a trick though. If you are using a Mac from the last few years you have a HiDPI "retina" display. So you can change the resolution in the Adjust Size control in Preview from 72 to 144 pixel/inch. If you make the image 640-wide with 144 it will be double the resolution and look better on the screen, but it will still appear as the same width as 320-wide / 72 pixels / inch.

    3 years ago

    Yep...that did it. Thank you!

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