Forum Question: How Can I Shrink the Size Of a Photo?

I have photos which I need to shrink from 2mb (or less) to 20kb to upload onto a webpage. Is there a program available for iMac similar or the same as ‘’ or ‘paintshop pro’.

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    4/8/12 @ 3:14 pm

    It sounds like you don’t need a painting program, just one that will let you export an image as a compressed jpg. You can do that with Preview. Just open the image in the Preview app.
    First, use Tools, Adjust Size. Cut that image size down a bit.
    Then use File, Export. You can choose the Format so set it to JPEG. You can adjust the quality. See if you can find a setting that gets you the size you want but still looks good.
    Now if you want a graphics programs, there are plenty of them out there. Pixelmator is one you can get in the Mac App Store. You can also get Seashore for free elsewhere on the Internet. And Photoshop, of course, at the higher end. Maybe Photoshop Elements (in the Mac App Store) would be a good compromise.
    Also, of course, remember that is the photo is part of your iPhoto collection that you can export (File, Export) from iPhoto as a JPEG as well. Crop it first, if you like using iPhoto’s tools.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    4/9/12 @ 9:41 am

    You emailed me about this sort of topic. I think your reply was it`s up to your domain,because i asked you about your news letter,and the size of your cartoon.
    I tried this from my end,and i had to keep resizing it down using Photoshop. A pop-up was keep telling me it was too big. Eventually i got it down to the size of a stamp. Question? can you tell me, can you send a video by email. Gary

      4/9/12 @ 9:45 am

      You should not send a video by email. The files are too big. Use a video sharing service and send a link to the video instead (DropBox, YouTube, Facebook, etc).

    4/12/12 @ 2:11 am

    You can use Automator to create a service that shrinks the photo. Once you create it, all you do is right click on a photo icon and choose ‘Shrink’ or whatever name the workflow has.
    The downside is that sometimes when I do this it either takes 2 mins to execute or it freezes. Don’t know why.

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